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Advancing respiratory health through innovative therapies

Hill-Rom® Respiratory Care


Clearing the way for better days: Proven Products

Patients with chronic respiratory disease work hard each day, just to live ordinary lives.  That inspires us to work even harder for them.  We work closely with patients and partners on the front lines and behind the scenes to make those products affordable, accessible, and adhered-to for everyone who needs them.  And every day we work to bring new, improved products to market, so patients can enjoy better days, and hopefully more of them.

Retained secretions in the airways may lead to increased infection, hospitalization, and reduced lung function.  Hill-Rom offers a full portfolio of products that may help mobilize retained secretions.

  • MetaNeb® System (acute care only)
  • The Vest® Airway Clearance System (home care and acute care)
  • VitalCough® System (home care and acute care)

In addition to these already trusted products, Hill-Rom continues to lead the way with innovations in airway clearance technology.  We are pleased to introduce new products that enable patients to have more freedom and encourage adherence to their therapy.

  • Monarch® Airway Clearance System (home care only) - Hill-Rom's new mobile airway clearance therapy
  • VisiVest® Airway Clearance System (home care only) - the first Bluetooth® enabled airway clearance system

Connected in Care

  • VisiView® Health Portal - connects patients and healthcare teams with accurate prompt therapy usage data

Hill-Rom's tested and proven products, collaborative care approach, and commitment to innovation add up to more than the sum of their parts.  In combination, they drive a model of continuous improvement, clearing the way to better days for patients.

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